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Lockouts and Rekeys

If you need a Chesterfield Locksmith, AllHours Locksmithing is nearby and ready to help

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Chesterfield Locksmith is a service we can provide. Whether you are locked out, need new keys, need a lock replaced or just need the best locksmith services in Chesterfield Michigan, we will be there quickly to help you.

Our low overhead allows us to provide the best locksmith service and the best locksmith value possible
Re-Key, Don't Replace!

AllHours Locksmithing can re-key your existing home locks to use new keys. Rather than purchasing new locks for your home, keep your existing door hardware and simply rekey it to work with new keys made for you, rendering existing original keys useless, regardless of who may have them. We service all of Chesterfield Michigan. If you have bought a new home in Chesterfield, call us and we can give you the peace of mind that only YOU have keys to your new home. If your business in Chesterfield needs new keys due to expansion, employee turn-over or just general security concerns, we will be your Chesterfield Locksmith. Allow us to be the best locksmith for your needs.

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Locked Out?
We  use traditional lock picking techniques that will not damage your lock.  We do NOT drill out locks and replace them.  We can unlock your home or business quickly and without damage. AllHours Locksmithing will respond quickly to let you back into your home or business in Chesterfield.  

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In the first decade of the 21st century, much of Chesterfield Township is dominated by subdivisions, shopping developments, and an increasingly heterogeneous ethnic demographic, in contrast to previous decades when the community was considerably more rural and Caucasian. The far northern end of the township is still largely rural. Anchor Bay influences the southeastern part of the community, where many pleasure boats, docks, and marine-related businesses can be found.
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